Boy whizzes past moving car on scooter -- with father tailing behind on bicycle

Submitted by Stomper Louis

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Stomper Louis was at a traffic junction in Jurong East at 8.45pm yesterday (Jun 11) when he saw a father-and-son duo recklessly zooming past him.

In a video shared by Louis, a boy is seen dashing across the road on his scooter with someone who is believed to be his father, trailing behind on a bicycle.

This was despite the oncoming car that was heading in their direction as the left-turn arrow lit up.

(Story continues after video)

Louis said: "I was moving off as the left-turn arrow lighted up but the child suddenly appeared."

"Then his father followed behind without even looking at my moving vehicle.

"They nearly caused a road accident involving my car and a 'jay-cyclist' kid and his father.

"Parents, please teach your kids the correct way of crossing the road.

"Do not join your kid and anyhow cross without opening your eyes!"