Boy reunited with family after he was found walking aimlessly at Woodlands Mart wearing only diapers

Update on Apr 20 at 8.40pm:

The police told Stomp in a statement: "“On Apr 19 at 9.17pm, the police were alerted to a boy being found at 768 Woodlands Avenue 6 by a member of the public.

"With the help of police cameras, officers managed to reunite the boy with his family.

"No injuries were reported on the boy, and no further police assistance was required."

Original article:

The New Paper
Apr 20, 2022

A child was found unattended in the vicinity of Woodlands Mart at Block 768 Woodlands Avenue 6 last night.

The boy, who looks to be around five or six years old, was only wearing a diaper and a pair of slippers, reported Chinese evening newspaper, Shin Min Daily News.

According to its reader, Madam Zhang, who runs a shop selling mobile phones, a couple had found the boy walking aimlessly around the area at around 9pm.

Madam Zhang, 42, said: "The couple approached to ask me if the boy was my kid. It was then that I noticed him... he was only clad in a diaper."

The photo that Madam Zhang provided Shin Min showed him sitting on a kiddy ride, looking dazed.

"The couple spent about 45 minutes trying to search for the child's parents, but it was to no avail," she said.

"We tried to speak to him in various languages but he just kept shaking his head and did not answer."

After nearly an hour of fruitless search, they decided to call the police.

The owner of a barber shop, 68, said police officers had also questioned him. "But the boy is an unfamiliar face, I have not seen him before," he added.

No one, it seemed, had seen the child or noticed how he came about.

Madam Zhang said the boy, who was later sitting by the side of the kerb, dozed off.

"He must be very tired," she said. "When the police arrived, I went home to get him some clothes so that he would be dressed."

Others had offered him food and beverage, but he refused to accept.

The New Paper has contacted the police for more information.

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