Boy dips hands in food and wipes them on foodcourt furniture --- while parents and maid ignore him

Submitted by Stomper EChan

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A pleasant dining experience at the Food Republic @ 313 Somerset was tarnished when Stomper EChan encountered a misbehaving boy who dipped his hands into food and proceeded to wipe them on the furniture. 

The incident happened on Saturday (Dec 9) at around 1pm. 

According to EChan, the boy's parents simply ignored his unacceptable behaviour, and the maid, who was assigned to look after the child did not intervene.

After a while, the boy started running to other parts of the food court and attempted to climb over seats and counters. 

A passer-by then lectured him on the dangers of falling off, and the boy returned to his table, where he continued to smear a mirror with his dirty hands.

The family left after the couple finished their meal. 

Said EChan:

“Being from the food and beverage (F&B) and education industry, this situation really infuriated me.

“It hit me when I saw the cleaner auntie’s tired look after the family left.

“Do they even think of the cleaners who would have to clean up after them?

“What a disgrace.”