Boy cries in pain while passers-by try to free his leg trapped in bicycle frame

A young boy cried in pain after his leg got stuck in the frame of a bicycle at the void deck of Boon Lay Block 191.

Passers-by were seen working frantically to free the boy in a video shared on SBS - Sure Boh Singapore.

The video shows that the boy's leg had got stuck in the part of the frame linked to the rear wheel of the bicycle.

His ankle is caught between the frame's bars and the rear wheel.

Passers-by try to press the wheel down to see if they can free his leg.

One of them can be heard suggesting that the wheel's spokes be broken to allow more room for the boy's leg, which would possibly let them free him.

The later half of the video shows photos of the bicycle lying on the floor, and some passers-by wrapping the boy's foot.

It seems that their efforts paid off and they managed to free him from his predicament.