Boxes of kimchi fall from delivery truck: Foodpanda rider, driver stop to clear road for other motorists

Submitted by Stomper Georgina, David

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A Foodpanda rider and driver have been praised for stopping to help after boxes of kimchi fell from a delivery truck at Alexandra Road on Wednesday morning (Oct 27).

Stompers Georgina and David shared with Stomp photos showing several clear boxes of kimchi strewn across the road.

"It happened at about 9am at the junction of Alexandra Road, Leng Kee Road and Commonwealth Avenue," said Georgina.

"The back door of this delivery truck swung open and boxes of kimchi dropped onto the road.

"The truck stopped some distance in front but drove off.

"At 9.01am, seeing that cars couldn't drive past the boxes of kimchi lying on the road, this Foodpanda motorcyclist pulled over and picked up the boxes of kimchi.

"A fellow driver pulled over too and did likewise.

"Within seconds, the boxes were placed at the side of the road before both of them drove off.

"Amazing efforts and quick-wittedness."

David shared with Stomp photos and a video of Traffic Police at the scene and the boxes of kimchi stacked neatly at the side of the road.