Botched surgery leaves Thai woman with additional hole in her nose

A botched rhinoplasty surgery on a Thai woman has become a hot topic on social media.

The woman's silicon implant that was inserted into her nasal ridge had protruded on the bridge of her nose between her eyes, creating a hole, reports The Star's Malay-language portal mStar.

She reportedly had the nose job done at a clinic in Hat Yai, southern Thailand.

It offered inexpensive surgery to aesthetically enhance and restructure the nose.

The silicon implant technique was supposed to make the woman's nose sharper, however, she suffered an infection to her nasal ridge.

She returned to the clinic for help but they declined to treat her.

The plastic surgery clinic told local media that they were "not responsible" for the failed procedure, hence, they "refused to help her".

Many sympathised with the woman's predicament and a plastic surgery clinic in Bangkok offered to treat the woman by removing the silicon implant in her nose for free.

Photos revealed a large hole where the implant was inserted.

Several cosmetic surgery clinics in Thailand are now using the woman's botched surgery as a warning to others who seek treatment at 'cheap' plastic surgery clinics.

It is unclear how surgeons will repair the damage on the woman's nose or if she will be taking legal action against the clinic in Hat Yai.