Boon Lay resident helps to guide cute bat out of lift

Submitted by Stomper Meng Kwang

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It's not every day you get to see a bat upclose, let alone one hanging in the lift in the afternoon.

The cute creature found its way into a lift at Block 197D Boon Lay Drive on Tuesday (March 12), at around 4.30pm.

Stomper Meng Kwang said: "My wife saw the bat first when she took the lift alone and told me that she almost freaked out.

"Taking an umbrella with me, I went to investigate.

"I took the lift down to Level 1, where I tried to help the bat get out. I used the brolly and tried to shift the bat by stroking it. When it didn't budge, I tried shifting it again.

"It flew and landed on the floor first, before flying out of the lift."

Meng Kwang said that seeing a bat is normally "nothing astonishing" for him -- but not this time.

"I always see them flying in the wee hours when I head to work," he added.

"But it was interesting to see one in the lift, especially considering that it was broad daylight.

"It literally flew blindly into the lift."

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