Boon Lay resident frustrated about piles of items left at staircase landing: 'Why like that one?'

Submitted by Stomper R

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 A resident at Block 181B Boon Lay Drive has been feeling frustrated after he saw piles of items left at a staircase landing on the eighth floor. 

Stomper R was walking towards a rubbish chute on Friday evening (Dec 13) when he went past the staircase landing.

He contributed photos of what he saw and told Stomp: "I just so happened to look through the little window on the door that leads to the staircase landing and saw piles of items there.

"When I opened the door and saw this, I was like 'walau eh, why like that one?'

"I think someone is moving and these stuff have been left outside. 

"It's actually my neighbour who lives on the eighth floor too. I think he lives alone but he told me he has sold his house.

"He's about 40 years old. We aren't very good friends because we seldom see each other. 

"I left my house at about 12pm yesterday (Dec 17) and saw that the items were still there.

"I'm not sure when my neighbour moved in but I've been living here for about five years. 

"I didn't manage to talk to my neighbour about this since I haven't seen him. He didn't mention anything about this situation either.

"I reached home at about 6.30pm yesterday and saw that the items were still there. Seems like there's even more.

"I just checked with contractors who are in my neighbour's house doing renovations at about 11.30am and they confirmed that these items aren't theirs.

"It's so inconvenient for those who take the stairs. Just be considerate, please.

"I haven't reported this to the town council yet but I might do so soon."