Boon Lay resident calls police over woman sorting parcels for delivery in void deck

Submitted by Stomper Ho

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She said she has called the police about it.

A resident is unhappy about a woman sorting out parcels for delivery in the void deck of Block 191 Boon Lay Drive.

Stomper Ho said that this has been happening "daily from around 9am to late noon" for months.

"She receives the parcels from a Dino Express van," said the Stomper, who shared photos of the woman surrounded by parcels spread out on the floor of a void deck with a man standing near her.

"She leaves her parcels in a cage locked in a common area and once even locked against a fire hydrant. The parcels’ info is all exposed and the items are placed under the rain and sunshine."

The Stomper said she has informed the town council and MP, and has also called the police many times.

"The last call was last week and the officer told me it was not noise or a public nuisance, so it was not under their purview."

In response to a Stomp query, the administrative representative of Dino Express said: "Thank you for your feedback and information to let us know about these details.

"We will start making adjustments right away. We will arrange training courses this week to let every driver know how to work better and in a more standardised way.

"We apologise to the public for causing such a situation and hope you can give us a chance, we will definitely strengthen management and prevent such things from happening again."