Boon Lay flat suspected to be 'vice nest', men seen 'queuing' at staircase landing

Multiple men have been spotted entering and leaving a flat in the Boon Lay estate, leading to suspicions that the unit is being used for vice activities.

Mr Wang, who stays in a three-room flat in the area, told Lianhe Wanbao that he started noticing many unknown men showing up in the vicinity of his home last month. They were entering and leaving his neighbour's unit, which he found odd.

He said: "I'm not usually home, but I happened to be chatting with friends outside my flat for around ten minutes that day, when I noticed various men on the same storey. They were looking around and appeared to be searching for a unit, before entering the same flat."

Afterwards, he began observing his neighbour's flat.

One night, he saw that it was two women who resided in the unit, leading him to believe that the place was being used as a 'vice nest'.

According to Mr Wang, the two women behaved suspiciously and in a 'sneaky' manner, looking around to make sure that nobody was around before leaving the flat.

When the women returned upstairs shortly afterwards, they had a man with them.

"Their business during weekends is especially brisk, with men coming one after another. Sometimes when there are too many people, they would even sit at the staircase landing to wait," added Mr Wang.

He also said that the flat used to be a workers' dormitory before it was vacated earlier in June this year. He did not pay much heed at first, assuming that someone was moving in.

"The workers did not bring me any trouble last time. I never thought that after they moved out, it would be sex workers who moved in."