Boon Keng family turns corridor into storeroom, even cooks there, complains neighbour

Submitted by Stomper Dadrey

For almost a decade, Stomper Dadrey’s neighbour at Block 2C, Upper Boon Keng Road, has been using the corridor as their makeshift living quarters.

Not only do they store laundry, furniture and cooking utensils in the corridor, the family even cooks there.

According to Dadrey, the family is in the catering business and has placed gas tanks on the corridor, which pose a fire safety hazard.

Aside from that, their personal possessions also clutter up the corridor, obstructing passage to the lifts.

Said Dadrey:

“They have placed their laundry all the way to the front of my unit, and make so much noise. 

“Sometimes they drink and vomit on the corridor.”

Dadrey revealed that she and her husband had complained to the authorities several times in the past but situation persisted.

She said:

“With all those obstructions on the corridor, we can’t even take the lift when we’re back from grocery shopping.

“I really can’t imagine a handicapped person having to live here.”