BMW driver SLA9011L goes across pedestrian island after travelling on wrong lane

A BMW driver tried to correct his mistake after travelling on the wrong lane -- by going across a pedestrian island.

Facebook user Sing Leong posted a video of the incident that occurred along Central Boulevard, towards Cross Street, on Saturday afternoon (June 1).

In the one-minute video, the BMW with licence plate number SLA9011L can be seen travelling on the leftmost lane.

However, that lane is meant only for cars that are turning left.

Apparently realising his mistake, the BMW driver flashed his right signal and tried to filter into the next lane -- only to be honked at by the car cam driver.

Having failed to correct himself, the BMW driver then drove through the pedestrian island as a 'shortcut', before continuing straight ahead,

Sing Leong wrote in his video caption: "This is such a dangerous act. What will happen if there are pedestrians standing there?"