BMW driver shows middle finger after recklessly overtaking car at Yishun pedestrian crossing

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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A man was caught on camera flashing his middle finger after overtaking another driver at 12.50pm last Saturday (Aug 18) at a pedestrian crossing along Yishun Avenue 2.

Stomper Tan had alerted Stomp to the video of the incident that was posted on SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page.

The driver who recorded the incident is seen going forward when pedestrians stopped crossing, but a BMW suddenly emerged from his right and overtook him at the junction.

According to the Highway Code, vehicles are not allowed to overtake at a pedestrian crossing or at a road junction.

The BMW driver subsequently flashed his middle finger after moving a distance forward.

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A copy of a lodged report is then shown on the screen, before the car plate number "SKV6318Z" is shown as well.

The video later shows the BMW driver of "SKV6318Z" making another hand gesture at the other driver when both cars were stopped at a red light.

In a post that accompanied the video, it described the BMW driver as "irresponsible", "reckless", and a "hooligan", as he had to "double confirm his displeasure", as seen at the end of the video.