BMW driver goes against traffic flow at Clementi Avenue 4 'as if he owns the road'

Submitted by Stomper Chin

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A simple mistake?

A BMW was caught on camera going against traffic flow at Clementi Avenue 4.

Sharing the video of the incident, Stomper Chin said it happened on Tuesday (Sept 20) at around 6.30pm.

The dash cam footage shows the Stomper and a van driving along a two-lane one-way road before coming to a stop when a car emerged from the left and turned towards the Stomper.

"The black BMW was driving against the flow of traffic as if he owns the road," said the Stomper.

After the BMW drove off, both the van driver and the Stomper seemed too stunned to continue forward.

The video ends with the van driver opening his vehicle door presumably to look at the BMW going the wrong way.

The Stomper said: "The BMW continued driving towards the end of the road about which is 100m to 200m away, then turned into a car park.

"I was upset as I had kids in the car. We could have been injured if I was not alert."

Did the BMW driver make a mistake or was it deliberate?

A photo from Google Maps below shows what the BMW driver saw before he made the right turn.

While there is no road sign in front of the driver to indicate that only left turns are allowed, there is a "turn left only" arrow on the road, which is possible to miss.

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