Blur driver almost causes accident, shows middle finger instead of remorse

Submitted by Stomper Zheng

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A driver had to swerve to avoid an accident with another motorist, only to be shown the middle finger.

Stomper Zheng shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred outside Caltex along 818 Upper Serangoon Road on Saturday (Aug 27), at around 6.30pm.

In the video, Zheng can be seen swerving to the right to avoid a dark blue car that was turning out from the petrol station.

Zheng said: "This car turned out from Caltex and did not notice us. We managed to avoid the car in time and were lucky enough that there were no other vehicles on our right.

"The driver then gave us the middle finger, machiam like it was our fault. He was in the wrong and yet still could give us this hand sign.

"I hope to share this to let people know that there are so many inconsiderate drivers out there."