FOUND: $500 reward for lovebird that went missing in Bedok after family goes on holiday

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Update on Oct 6:

The bird has been found.

Original article:

Blue lovebird, Tweety, was last seen on Monday (Oct 1) at about 6.30am at Block 94B Bedok Avenue 4.

The bird is an orange-tinted nosed blue lovebird that "loves to chirp" and is "fluffy and fat".

Stomper Madeline and her family had gone to Malaysia that morning, and they noticed it was missing when they came home yesterday (Oct 4) at about 9pm.

She told Stomp and said: "When I came home I saw her toys we left for her on the floor and dining table. We had packed everything before we left. I didn't even have to look at the cage to know she was missing."

That night, her family went to look in the trees nearby their flat.

"We shone lights in the trees but could not find her. It was very late, so we decided to look the next morning.

"We went to three bird shops near our house and the children kept looking in the trees. We searched everywhere including downstairs, but couldn't find her."

Tweety has its wing clipped and can only fly up to about 30 metres.

Wing clipping is the process of trimming some of the bird's primary wings off, so it is not fully flighted.

Madeline explained and said: "She could have gone missing due to the cage not being closed properly. I believe she left on the second day we were gone (Oct 2) because of the amount of food left in the cage."

Madeline is offering anyone who finds her bird a $500 reward.

"The children and my husband are all very sad and anxious to find Tweety. We have printed posters and are going to put it up soon."

If you have any information about the bird, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

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