Blackout at Block 627 Bedok Reservoir Road after smoke alarm triggered

Submitted by Stomper Yao Qi

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Residents of Block 627 Bedok Reservoir Road experienced a blackout after a smoke alarm was triggered on Dec 26.

Stomper Yao Qi captured a video and a picture of the incident at about 9.40pm.

She told Stomp: "I was on the way home when my niece called to tell me that there was a blackout at the block.

"When I was still walking towards the block, I took a video of the black windows of the block."

Yao Qi said that she went upstairs and tried to have dinner, but it was stuffy and uncomfortable.

"I left the house and went downstairs to enjoy some of the wind outside."

Stomp understands that the blackout was the result of a smoke alarm falsely triggered.

According to Yao Qi, the power came back on when it was close to midnight.