Bird nuisance in Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre: Here's how you can do your part

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The authorities have taken various measures to prevent and minimise bird nuisance in Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre, and you can help by doing your part.

A Stomper said he visited the hawker centre located at Block 527 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 on Friday afternoon (April 9), at around 3pm.

He shared photos and said: "There were more than 20 birds inside the hawker centre despite some nets to prevent them from flying in.

"It's very bad image for Singapore's UNESCO-registered hawker culture."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Ang Mo Kio Town Council said it has been working with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and hawker representatives on various measures to reduce the birds' food supply and targeting proper waste management in order to prevent and minimise bird nuisance at the hawker centre.

The spokesman added: "Since receiving feedback in Nov 2020, we have worked with the table cleaning contractors engaged by the hawker stall holders to deploy additional manpower during peak periods and stepped up efforts in the clearing of tables and dirty crockery to ensure the timely disposal of food scraps so as to remove potential food sources for birds.

"In Jan 2021, more steps were taken to assess the suitability of the measures. Additional bird nettings have been installed at certain locations around the food centre to prevent birds from entering the area.

"Bird point deterrents are also installed at the signboards of the stalls that are near the open area carpark to prevent birds from gathering and perching on the signboards.

"We are monitoring the outcomes of these measures."

Diners are also encouraged to return used crockery and not leave food scraps behind.

"In line with the national efforts, we continue to seek patrons' help to return used crockery to the tray return points and to not leave food scraps on the tables, as these are sources of food for birds such as pigeons," said the spokesman.