Bintan hotel guest shares his side of story, claims man 'pointed his middle finger at us', used F-word

The Singaporean guest who was caught on video ranting at a Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel staff member in Bintan has shared his side of the story with Stomp.

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Calling himself "Mask Crusader", he wrote in an email to Stomp that he wanted readers to "have a more complete and accurate picture of what happened".

He said: "As the Caucasian man who goes by the moniker of 'Dan Wilkinson' has repeatedly shared the video and screenshots of a conversation which he had with the hotel on various media platforms including your own, I decided to post a video of what actually happened at and have also lodged a police report on the matter."

@maskcrusader6 Busybodies turn nasty after getting caught secretly filming others and harassing Singaporean family online. A #police report has been made and investigations are ongoing. #sgtiktok #tiktoksg #mothership #trending #vulgar #busybody#singapore#sgfyp #fyp #sgnews #sgfyp #WMAF #foryou #foryoupage #sgincidents ♬ original sound - elonmask

Mask Crusader went on: "The Caucasian man who took the video and his family were not in the hotel lobby for breakfast as he claimed. Breakfast is served in the Piano Lounge which is in a separate building beside the hotel and it is also the reason why they eventually left the hotel to 'go for breakfast' as you can see from my video.

"It is unfortunate that they chose to loiter in the hotel lobby and to secretly film the exchange between me and the hotel without our permission instead of going for their breakfast like they intended until I discovered their act some time later.

"The matter had nothing to do with him and I can only presume that his intent was to cause embarrassment and harassment to my family by repeatedly sharing his video on various social media platforms (and creating new accounts to do so after his earlier posts got banned for violating their community standards) while not disclosing his own identity and misdeeds as you can see from my video.

"We had shared very personal and private information about my mum's medical condition in confidence with the hotel to explain her behaviour and trusted their professionalism not to disclose this sensitive information without our prior consent. It is most unfortunate that they had shared this confidential information with the other hotel guest 'Dan' and he has subsequently shared this publicly without our consent. We are seeking legal advice on this disclosure.

@dan_wilk Secequence of Events from the Ship Hotel -DOULOS PHOS, The Hotel knocked the door at 3am to ensure the guest mother found lost and safe back to his cabin, why yelling at the corridor woke all the guest up at midnight and make a scene again the next morning? #scene #complaint #hotel #mothershipsg #mothership #moneyback #refund #dutyofcare #fypシ゚viral #fypシ #fyp #trend #trending #trendingvideo #facebook #instagram #youtube #disgraceful #shame @wilkinson310 @wilkinson310 ♬ original sound - wilkinson310 - Dan

"If you listen carefully to the exchange and from the screenshots that 'Dan' had shared of a private conversation that he had with the hotel to continue probing into a matter that had nothing to do with him.

"My mother had already returned to her hotel room some time before the hotel came to hammer on my door at 3am. I had put a 'Do not disturb' sign on my room door as both my young child and I were sleeping and had asked them nicely to go away and discuss this the next morning since my mother had already returned to her room.

"However, they returned with the hotel owner to hammer on my door again and he raised his voice at me when I asked him why they can't wait until the next morning since she is already safely back in her room and I had already asked them not to disturb our rest earlier?"

Mask Crusader also posted a video of the hotel owner.


"As you can see from the video, the hotel owner had smashed my phone out of my hands when I tried to take a video of his aggressive behaviour when I decided to check my family out the next morning," recounted Mask Crusader.

"His staff had to intervene and usher him into his office and apologised for his rude behaviour. They also acknowledged that they could have waited till the next morning to inform me about my mum's wandering around instead of insisting on waking my entire family up when she's already safely back in her room.

"We decided to check out and forego the breakfast that we had already paid for to spare ourselves any further distress.

"The electricity in the hotel had been cut at around 9.40pm the night before and the hotel owner kept insisting that it is not their fault and neither do they have any backup power. They refused to acknowledge the inconvenience caused to hotel guests who had to stay in their rooms in the dark without any ventilation or power.

"While waiting for our transport to take us away from the hotel, the hotel owner ordered his security to physically push me out of the hotel lobby instead of allowing us to wait in the lobby despite the fact that both my elderly parents have mobility issues in addition to the baggage and young kid that I was also managing.

"Is this the way hotels treat guests who provide feedback about bad service?

"To be clear. I had already fully paid for the accommodations upon check-in. I had forgotten about the bill for the lunch that we had consumed on the first day as this bill was not presented to us when we left the hotel.

"The hotel has my credit card details and can charge this to my card instead of claiming to waive it out of goodwill after the harassment and distress they caused to my family. I had also taken the trouble of asking my driver to return the hotel room key when I realised after leaving that I've forgotten to do so but I doubt that they mentioned this to you."

Mask Crusader then said that 'Dan' had pointed his middle finger at them after his elderly mother asked him why he was getting involved in other peoples' business.

"He had also uttered an F-word vulgarity at us before eventually leaving the hotel for breakfast after I had caught him secretly filming. I leave you to judge for yourself who's the one being 'abusive' as he claimed."


After this article was published, Dan contacted Stomp and refuted one of the allegations.

He told Stomp: "To say I keep uploading to various social media isn't true. I have one TikTok and that's it, and nothing got taken down.

"It's he himself that's uploaded to TikTok and YouTube, Google Maps."

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