Biker rides on pedestrian pavement to avoid paying fee at carpark gantry

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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People have been coming up with clever ways to avoid paying for parking fees such as the incident where four motorcycles lined up in a straight row at a carpark gantry for the price of one.

However, this motorcyclist decided to opt for the easier route by simply riding on pedestrian pavement to avoid paying parking fees altogether.

This was spotted by a Stomper at Block 816 in Lavender.

In the video he sent, a motorcyclist can be seen riding down a walkway while a pedestrian had to lean on the railing to allow him to pass.

According to the Stomper, he had seen a few motorcyclists exiting the carpark gantry in the same way.

The Stomper who wished to remain anonymous told Stomp, "This has happened many times. (Riding) the motorcycle on the walkway is also causing danger to the pedestrians."