Biker knocked off motorcycle by idiot driver, then gets run over and dragged for 200m by another car

A motorcyclist was knocked off his bike by a car, before being run over and dragged for some distance by another vehicle.

Facebook user Matthew Walabam Seet had posted a video of the incident in the SG Road Vigilante group, though it is unclear when or where exactly it happened.

It also cannot be ascertained if the accident took place in Singapore.

In the shocking clip, a car can be seen travelling on one lane and then slowly going into the same lane as the motorcyclist.

The car then rammed into the biker and caused him to fall from his bike, onto the road.

The motorcyclist happened to land in the rightmost lane, where a white car was approaching. Unable to stop in time, the white car ran over the biker.

According to Matthew, the motorcyclist was dragged for 200 metres.

The condition of the victim is unknown.