Biker flung off motorcycle, over car and lands on road after accident along Eng Neo Avenue

Submitted by Stomper Suzanne

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A motorcyclist was involved in an accident along Eng Neo Avenue at around 6.45am today (July 20), after apparently hitting a car.

Stomper Suzanne witnessed the incident and said that the biker was flung off his vehicle and over the car, before landing on the road. However, he managed to "stand up and walk".

Stomp understands that the motorcyclist suffered slight abrasions.

The Stomper, who had been on the way to work, recounted what happened:

"This happened at Eng Neo Avenue in front of Orchid Apartments, just before Vanda Drive.

"There was slow traffic and a little bit of jam. We all stopped because it was the red light and stationed outside the yellow box while waiting the traffic light to turn green.

"There was this blue sedan car trying to cross slowly from the opposite road towards Orchid Apartments but suddenly, the motorcycle went so fast from our side, squeezing in between our cars and hitting the car.

"The motorcyclist was flung over the car and landed on the concrete road. He woke up for awhile and lay down again and woke up again and managed to stand up and walk.

"The motorcyclist is the one with the blue cloth headband, in a black Tshirt and jeans, and standing on the left side.

"He seemed to be in a discussion and a little bit of argument with the sedan driver."

In response to Stomp queries, Police said they were alerted to an accident involving a motorcycle and a car along Eng Neo Avenue towards Dunearn Road at 6.47am.

Investigations are ongoing.