Biker avoids paying carpark fee at gantry in Tampines -- by going on pedestrian walkway

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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In the latest spate of incidents involving parking fee evasions, a biker has been spotted riding on a pedestrian walkway just to avoid paying parking fees.

According to the Stomper who submitted the video, the incident is said to have happened on Dec 27 at the T25 carpark along Tampines Street 21 at around 10.20pm.

In the video that was sent, a motorcyclist could be seen riding up a pedestrian pavement beside a carpark gantry. The biker is then shown turning into the carpark.

The Stomper, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "These bikers are always very sensitive and their sense of self-entitlement is very strong."

"If authorities are clamping down on tailgate offenders, they better start doing something about these errant bikes skipping gantry and not paying," added the Stomper.

For those that who are out of the loop. the Stomper is referring to the Housing Development Board's (HDB) plan to roll out a new detection system at carpark gantries next year to combat tailgating.

A similar incident where a motorcyclist was spotted in Lavender riding down a pedestrian walkway to avoid paying for parking fees was reported on Stomp on Dec 26.