Scam email claims to be from IRAS, offers tax refund and wants your credit card details

Submitted by Stomper Chris

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A new scam has been brought to light after being circulated online.

Somebody received an email that appeared to be from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) informing him that he was eligible to receive a tax refund of $236.51.

Stomper Chris alerted Stomp to the scam after he received the message via Telegram.

The email prompted the recipient to click on a link and fill up a "tax refund form".

It said that the refund request would take two to five days to process and that it could be delayed for a "variety of reasons" such as "submitting invalid records or applying over the deadline".

The recipient wrote in his Telegram message that the email was a scam and that the form requested his credit card number.

He added that he had called IRAS to clarify and urged others to share the message to spread awareness.

IRAS has denounced the email as a scam and issued a statement on their Facebook page today (Sep 12) at 10.21am:

"We've received some feedback from members of the public on an email scam purportedly from IRAS. These emails request individuals to download an attachment to view their tax refunds. If you receive any suspicious looking email supposedly from IRAS, please do not click on any link in the email as it may contain a computer virus."