Beware of lurking 'opportunist', warns man who lost $1k while answering call at Yishun ATM

Submitted by Stomper Roland

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While Stomper Roland’s son was preoccupied with a call, the $1,000 which he had just withdrawn from a POSB ATM machine was taken in a split second. 

The incident happened at Block 101 Yishun Ring Road on Friday (Oct 6) at around 12.35pm.

When Roland’s son asked a lady who was queueing behind him if she saw what happened to the cash, she told him that she had seen a Chinese man in his mid-thirties take the money.

She did not stop him as she thought that he was going to hand the money over to Roland’s son.

According to the witness, the man was about 1.6m tall and was wearing a blue shirt. 

After the incident, Roland’s son went to a POSB branch and spoke to the service manager, who encouraged him to make a police report. 

Roland and his son subsequently lodged a report at the Yishun North Neighbourhood Police Centre. 

Said Roland:

“Since this happened, we would like to alert the public that there is an opportunist hanging around the ATM in this location for quick cash.”

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