Bentley driver who tried to force his way into school charged with causing hurt by rash act

Shaffiq Alkhatib
The Straits Times
May 11, 2022

A Bentley driver who allegedly endangered a 62-year-old security guard's safety outside Red Swastika School in January was charged in court on Wednesday (May 11) with one count of causing hurt by performing a rash act.

Neo Hong Chye, 61, is also accused of driving the vehicle without insurance coverage.

In a joint statement on Tuesday evening, the police and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that his son was the owner of the Bentley at the time.

Glynn Neo Jia, 28, was charged on Wednesday with one count each of altering the licence plate number of the Bentley and allowing his father to use the car without insurance coverage.

The two agencies said that police officers received a call about the incident outside the school in Bedok North at around 11.40am in Jan 11 and the driver of the car was arrested later that day at around 3.35pm.

The incident was captured in a video that went viral online.

It showed a white Bentley inching forward and pushing a security officer outside the school, after the car was prevented from entering the school.

In a statement on Tuesday, both agencies said: "Subsequent investigations by police and LTA revealed that the vehicle's number plate was purportedly altered, and the driver had driven the vehicle without insurance coverage."

The police had earlier said that the security guard suffered minor injuries following the incident.

For causing hurt by committing a rash act, an offender can be jailed for up to a year and fined up to $5,000.


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