Benjamin Kheng and Julie Tan have sex scene in Wonder Boy movie

Dick Lee's local movie Wonder Boy hits cinemas this month and Singaporeans are anticipating the biopic starring rising stars Benjamin Kheng and Julie Tan.

Set in the 70s, the film is based on Dick Lee's own experiences in his early years as a teenage singer-songwriter.

According to Dick, the film will not shy away from taboo topics like how he took drugs with his schoolmates at St. Joseph's Institution.

Cleo magazine interviewed Benjamin and Julie about their online romance and the sex scene they have in the movie.

Apparently, it was the first scene they shot together and took five hours in a "hot, stuffy room".

Talk about awkward.

"There was a 'friendship gap' during the first take," said Julie.

Benjamin explained that they thought it was a close-up shot so they just needed to do some "head acting" but when they saw it on-screen, they realised the massive gap.

"Cannot, lah," he said.

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