Beijing landlady offers tenant free rent for whole year "if you come to my house to accompany me"

It's normal for landlords to chase their tenants for rent, but a landlady in China was apparently willing to make an unusual compromise.

According to Apple Daily, a screenshot that went viral after being posted on Weibo reportedly shows a WeChat conversation between a woman in Beijing and her tenant:

(translation below)

Landlady: There?

Tenant: Yes, what's up?

Landlady: You have dragged [payment of] rent for very long, when [can you pay]?

Tenant: Things are a little tight these days, give me some time, okay?

Landlady: Don't pay also can. Come to my house to accompany me after work and I'll forgo the rent.

Tenant: I'll deposit the money to you as soon as possible today.

Landlady: I only want it once and you won't have to pay rent for the whole year. You consider it! I'll wait for you at home.

The landlady's messages were also accompanied by a profile photo:

Netizens were quick to offer solutions to the tenant's predicament, reported World Of Buzz.

Some suggested he accept the offer and just "switch off the lights" while others felt that the deal was worth it.

Meanwhile, there were also sceptical netizens who thought that the entire conversation might have been fabricated.

What would you do?