Found: Bedok South residents worried about friendly neighbourhood cat that's been missing for 4 days

Submitted by Stomper Phoenix

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Update on July 23:

Xiao Bai has been found this morning.

Phoenix said: "She was taken to the vet by a kind and loving cat lover whose name was Jacquelyn.

"Xiao Bai is staying with us for the time being."

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Original article:

Stomper Phoenix is worried about the disappearance of a neighbourhood cat, Xiao Bai, since it went missing from a carpark at Bedok South on Tuesday (Jul 17) at about 10am.

According to Phoenix, Xiao Bai is a friendly female cat.

She also has black and brown patches on her body.

Phoenix, who is a resident of Block 43 in Bedok South, said that her family feeds Xiao Bai every morning and evening, at the said carpark, or at the void deck of her block.

Phoenix said: "She was last seen at the carpark near the People's Action Party (PAP), close to Block 43.

"I haven't seen her since I left for work on Tuesday.

"Another neighbour who has fed Xiao Bai once, is also looking for her.

"She usually hangs out in this carpark, she seldom goes anywhere else.

"She is also very friendly, she will respond and come to you whenever someone calls her, even strangers.

"She is everyone's cat."

If you have any information about Xiao Bai, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

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