Bedok resident calls police again after neighbour 'harasses' her once more

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A resident has been feeling harassed by a neighbour who was caught loitering outside her unit on multiple occasions.

Stomper S, a resident at Block 529 Bedok North Street 3, previously shared how she saw her neighbour taking photos of her unit on June 25.

She told Stomp in a July 6 article that she saw her neighbour loitering outside her unit as well as walking up and down the common corridor.

She also shared a video showing her neighbour pointing his phone at her unit, though it is unclear whether he took photos or videos.

(June 25 video)

Feeling disturbed over the bizarre incident, S lodged a police report.

However, the man returned again on Saturday (Aug 14) and repeated his actions.

S said: "The same neighbour started taking pictures of my family member at the common corridor.

"Thereafter, he proceeded to take video/pictures of my house, so I called the police."

(Aug 14 video)

According to S, two police officers came by at around 3.20pm and left shortly afterwards.