Bedok Reservoir resident recounts 'comedy of errors' after accident in Instagram Stories

In the early hours of Oct 21, Facebook user Seah Guo Wei witnessed an accident that led to a bizarre string of events and recorded the whole thing on his Instagram Stories.

It all started with an accident between an SBS bus and a car at Bedok Reservoir View.

Apparently, the car spun 180 degrees before coming to a stop.

The two vehicles then drove off like nothing happened.

Just when he thought that this little bit of excitement was over, an ambulance and police car arrived at the scene, seemingly too late.

Seah was then taken by surprise when the ambulance appeared to have broken down.

Paramedics were standing outside the vehicle with the bonnet popped open.

They ended up pushing the vehicle a few metres forward.

This is when Seah took a break in his Stories to tell his followers, "I AM SO CONFUSED".

Soon enough, another ambulance arrived to "save" the other broken down one.

There appeared to be a transferring of equipment going on which went on for about 20 minutes.

They were finally done at 1.30am.

Although Seah was having a laugh at the situation, he thanked the emergency services for saving lives in his last story.

Seah compiled his Instagram Stories into a video and posted it on Facebook where it has since garnered over 204,000 views.

Watch it below.