Bedok Reservoir resident puts out drinks and snacks for delivery workers, makes Stomper's day

Submitted by Stomper Ridzwan

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More and more people are signing up to become delivery workers but the job is not easy.

One resident in Bedok Reservoir acknowledged this and put out a basket of drinks and snacks to thank delivery workers for all they do.

Stomper Ridzwan told Stomp that he started doing part-time deliveries after getting retrenched.

"Like many others that are getting laid off and retrenched, I'm one of them," he said.

"After my retrenchment, while waiting for me to secure another job in another firm, I thought rather than no income at all, I decided to fill in my time doing part-time delivery.

"As I was doing deliveries and sending orders to this particular resident in Bedok Reservoir View, there were packet Milo drinks and titbits outside their home with a note."

The note read: "Dear delivery workers, please take one! Thank you for your hard work."

The simple gesture made Ridzwan's day.

"This move is really thoughtful, especially when you sweat so much while performing your delivery work, exposed under the sun, risking yourself on the road, and sacrificing the time from your family," he said.

"It's the little thought that goes a long way, putting a smile on the delivery riders/drivers.

"Thank you, kind residents!"