Man behaves like hooligan, taunts driver after getting honked at for jaywalking in Bedok

Submitted by Stomper Khai

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A man was recorded on camera taunting a driver who horned at him for jaywalking at Bedok Reservoir Road on Sep 1 at 7.15pm.

The driver, Stomper Khai, said in a telephone interview that he had been driving slowly prior to the incident as there were other jaywalkers in the area.

He then saw the man crossing the road with another individual.

In the video Khai recorded, they can be seen jaywalking, taking their time while doing so. 

The Stomper had to stop his car to give way. He then horned at them once.

The man, whom Khai described as the 'Bedok Reservoir Gangster', then started to taunt him.

He pointed at himself with both hands in a confrontational stance.

He walked away shortly after, but came back in front of Khai's car almost immediately to continue with his taunts.

The duo left subsequently and the Stomper continued his journey.