Beauty pageant finalists raise funds to help SOSD save abandoned dogs

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Stomper Anonymous was at AMK Hub at around 1.30pm last Sunday (Jul 8), to show her support for a fundraising event organised by the Miss Singapore Lumiere International World 2017 Finalists.

The event was organised in conjunction with Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Singapore, which is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore’s street dogs.

In photos shared by the Stomper, women dressed in pink tops and sashes are seen taking photos with the public as well as their dogs.

One of the women is also seen carrying a transparent box containing cash.

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The Stomper said that she had gone down to show her support as one of her friends, who is one of the finalists, had informed her about this event.

She said: "The finalists were working hard in helping to raise funds for SOSD in their efforts to help save street dogs and abandoned dogs.

"They were walking among the crowd to ask for donations, and to purchase merchandises and dog biscuits."

The Stomper said that the event that was held outside the entrance of AMK Hub, was packed with many people from the public.

"The finalists were wearing the 'Miss Singapore Lumiere International World Top Finalists' sash and their official shirt, while having photo shoots with the dogs and the public to raise funds.

"I helped took photos and donated $50 as well to show my support, as I feel that this is very meaningful."

She also said that up to date, a total of $2,500 has been raised.

The donations would then go to SOSD for their operational costs such as medical bills for rescued dogs, TNR activities (Trap-Neuter-Return), shelter maintenance, and food supplies.

Being a dog lover, Anonymous feels that it is pleasant to see a pageant that does not only compete for beauty but also has a kind heart that helps the society.

"Because to me, I feel that it's seldom that pageants in Singapore do charity work, especially for animals, so this is something special and different.

"Their good deeds and hard work is something not all pageants have.

"So it is nice to see the pageant putting in so much effort to raise funds for animals."

When asked her reason for sharing this with Stomp, Anonymous said: "A pageant with such a great passion for helping the society should be shared among Singaporeans!"