Beautiful kingfisher and 2 owls living in serenity might just make your day

Submitted by Stomper 13seaeagle

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Anywhere far from the city would be serene, especially those places filled with nature.

Stomper 13seaeagle shared with us a video and some photos of certain bird species via WhatsApp.

According to the Stomper's Youtube channel, the Black-Backed Kingfisher arrived in Singapore in 2014 to escape it's native country, due to winter. 

However, he highlighted that photographers were using Flash when they were taking photos of the bird. 

The two owls are known as Barred Eagle Owl, which flew in from Johor, Malaysia and and Brown Hawk Owl.

The Barred Eagle Owl was photographed at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Watch the cute animals below: