Beautiful floating lanterns light up night sky at Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper was left in awe when she witnessed beautiful floating lanterns during the launch of Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay on Sep 6.

The Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay is a lantern festival that feature programmes starting from 6pm onwards and will go on until Sep 24.

Her photos show beautiful floats on water decorated with neon sculptures of dragons, koi fishes, lanterns and pagodas.

The bright lights produce a pretty and colourful rippling effect against the surface of the water.

The darkness of the night sky also provide a beautiful backdrop for the shining displays.

In the distance, the neon-lit Singapore Flyer and the "Supertrees" from the Gardens by the Bay can be seen.

The Stomper also shared a video that she took with us of one of the floats.

"I thought of sharing these pictures as they are so beautiful," she said to Stomp via WhatsApp.

"I captured these at the open space at Marina Barrage."

According to The Straits Times, the festival showcases many lantern displays of mythical creatures like dragons and phoenixes, amidst an array of flora and fauna.

The festival is free and open to public at Gardens by the Bay.

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