Basketball player's eyeball pops out in freak accident during game

A basketball player named Akil Mitchell suffered a horrendous incident recently while playing for the New Zealand Breakers in an Australian tournament.

Mitchell was playing an intense match when his left eye was accidentally poked by a player from the opponent's team.

His eye was accidentally poked to the point where it got dislodged and fell out of the socket, reports World Of Buzz

The player fell to the ground holding his left eye, and was soon rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The 24-year-old stated that as soon as he got into the ambulance he was given some saline drops and pain medicine, where he then felt his eyeball sliding back into place.

The sportsman described the experience as utterly strange.

Akil Mitchell also posted on twitter that he was seeing fine and he is expected to have a full recovery and could be back on the court soon.