Bali's Mount Agung becomes new selfie hotspot for tourists after volcano eruption

Monday, Dec 4, 2017

A potentially life-threatening natural disaster to some is a photo opportunity of a lifetime to others.

Mount Agung in Bali may be belching less ash and smoke in recent days, but the volcano is still on the highest alert level, after rumbling to life in September and showing signs of eruption in late November.

However, the ensuing chaos after flights to and from the island were cancelled has not put off foreign thrill-seekers keen for a close-up look at the volcano. In fact, the element of danger has probably fuelled their curiosity.

The active volcano has become the new selfie destination according to some reports, with tourists pausing outside the 10km exclusion zone for a quick snap.

One hot location is the picturesque Lempuyang Temple, or 'Gates of Heaven', as ash and smoke can be seen gushing from Mount Agung in the background.

Said Australian Jill Powers, who told Daily Mail Australia that she planned to travel to Bali to see the volcano: 'Sounds stupid but yes, I have it on my bucket list to see a live volcano.' 

'I think it would be my only chance to tick it off.'

However, Indonesian authorities warn that at least 100,000 islanders will likely be forced to leave in case of a full eruption.