Bali woman looking for S'pore man who allegedly abandoned rented motorbike after accident

Submitted by Stomper Yu Chan

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A woman in Bali is looking for a man with a Singapore phone number who allegedly rented a Yamaha NMax motorcycle from her and abandoned it after an accident with a car last month.

Stomper Yu Chan said that Shariq paid her 270,000 rupiah (S$25) to rent the bike from June 19 to 21 in Nusa Penida, a small island south-east of mainland Bali.

"I am contacting Stomp because Stomp is in Singapore and I checked that Shariq is a Singaporean from his ID," she said.

Shariq's WhatsApp phone number has the Singapore country code +65.

The Stomper said: "He crashed my bike, but he didn't report to me about the accident. My friend informed me because he recognised my bike and the bike was broken."

She said she tried contacting Shafiq on WhatsApp, but he blocked her.

Yu Chan wrote to Stomp: "I send this message to you and I am asking for your help to tell him to take responsibility because this small business is the only one I have to make a living.

"I have two children and we have to eat from the money we earn from this business. Now our bike is broken. If he cannot pay for the repair of the bike, it will make our life harder because we have to borrow money and we have no business until the bike is repaired."

She estimated the cost of repairs to be between 3 million and 4 million rupiah, or between S$280 and S$370.


Shariq did not respond to queries when first contacted by Stomp. However, following the publication of this article, he shared his side of the story. He said the accident with the car was the car's fault and so he should not have to pay for the damage to the rented motorcycle.

He said he called the Stomper after the accident and told her it was not his fault.

Shariq said he left the damaged bike because he was hurt in the accident and had to seek medical attention. He said he had several stitches on his knee. He asked who would compensate him for his injuries.

He said he left 100,000 rupiah (S$9) at the Tentacle Bali hotel in Nusa Penida to give to the Stomper before returning to Singapore.