Baggage handler at Phuket airport arrested after stealing from Jetstar passenger's luggage

Submitted by Stomper Daryl, Linda, Apachi, Colin

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A 27-year-old airport baggage handler in Thailand was on Oct 12 arrested for stealing a Bluetooth speaker from luggage belonging to a Jetstar Airways passenger.

Video footage, which several Stompers alerted Stomp to, showed Abdullah Hayee Mayeh opening the passenger's luggage at Bay 15, Phuket International Airport on Oct 10.

According to The Nation, Abdullah confessed to his crime after police showed him the video and returned the speaker to the airport's public service department so that it could be returned to its rightful owner.

He has been charged with robbery and was taken to Saku Police Station for processing.

Stomper Daryl said: "I hope that everyone out there does lock their bags when checking in."