Bad weather or bad driving? Car ends up on walkway outside Shaw Centre

Submitted by Stomper Nit Grit

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A car ended up on a walkway outside Shaw Centre at Scotts Road on Thursday evening (Mar 2).

Stomper Nit Grit alerted Stomp to the incident and shared photos he took of the sight at about 6.05pm.

The question is, was it bad weather or bad driving that lead to the car getting stuck there?

Fortunately, the rain caused human traffic along the walkway to be almost non-existent.

Nit Grit said: "How can someone mistake a pedestrian walkway for a road?

"Is it because of poor visibility due to the rain?

"Luckily nobody was walking there."

Last year, a taxi driver made headlines after he was spotted driving his cab along a park connector in Ulu Pandan.

In a similar incident in 2021, a ComfortDelGro cabby was given a warning after driving his taxi on a pedestrian walkway at Marina Bay Sands.