Baby sunbird that hatched on condo resident's balcony moves on to greater heights

Submitted by Stomper Mike

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It was a bittersweet experience for Stomper Mike, who recently bade farewell to a sunbird family after helping to look after them for over a month.

Mike had earlier shared how a sunbird laid two eggs on his balcony at D'Leedon condominium some time between March 29 and 31.

Both eggs hatched on April 16, much to his delight.

Mike continued watching over the hatchlings and protecting their nest, such as saving it during a heavy thunderstorm.

On Friday (April 30), Mike noticed that one hatchling had disappeared.

Meanwhile, the remaining baby bird looked well-grown with plump and vibrant feathers.

Mike told Stomp on Friday: "I helped to reinforce the nest with manila strings. I reckon the last birdling will fly the coop and leave me an empty nest (no pun intended) soon."

Indeed, the bird said its goodbyes on Saturday.

The Stomper added: "It has been an environmentally enriching experience. I'm waiting for the next couple to arrive and use the nest."