Baby mynas suffer gruesome death in Jurong West

Submitted by Stomper Nuzaibah

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A resident was shocked by the sight of two baby myna carcasses in Jurong West on Sunday evening (Sept 4).

Stomper Nuzaibah shared photos of the dead animals that she spotted at the foot of Block 538 Jurong West Street 42 at around 6.10pm. Both had a 'broken stomach', she said.

The two hatchlings can be seen with their innards exposed.

Nuzaibah told Stomp: "I found these two tiny and scary-looking creatures at the foot of the block. It was so disturbing and looked very scary plus disgusting.

"I found out from sources that these could be baby mynas. They could have been pushed out of the nest by someone or the rain as both their stomach portion was broken. Their nest could have fallen from a tree or they could have been attacked by the numerous stray cats around.

"I pity the worker who has to clear the carcasses."