Baby in India falls to her death after being dropped by mum who was taking selfie

A 10-month-old baby died in a shopping mall in India on May 10, after she tumbled out of her mother's arms and fell to her death on an escalator.

It had occurred while the baby's parents were too caught up taking selfies, according to media reports.

Earlier that day, the couple had visited the shopping mall in Ganganagar district of the north-western state of Rajasthan after taking their baby to a nearby clinic for a check-up, Daily Mail UK reports. 

The video showed the couple taking a selfie on a walkway next to an escalator, at around noon.

According to witnesses, the husband had asked his wife for a photo while they were taking the escalator up, which caused her to lose her balance as well as her grip on the baby, who fell three floors.

The baby first hit the railing before plunging through a hole.

The trepidation and shock of her parents could be seen from the CCTV footage as they bent over the railing to look for their daughter.

The girl reportedly died on the spot after hitting the ground.

"This is a clear-cut case of an accident," said the police in a statement to The Sun.

The police also said that the couple will not be taking any legal action.

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