Baby undergoes amputation after nurse in China forgets to turn off hairdryer

A baby boy from the Xincai county in Henan, China, was forced to undergo the amputation of his charred foot after a nurse forgot to turn off a hairdryer. 

The nurse had just given the baby a bath and used a hairdryer to blow-dry him, reports Shin Min Daily News

After doing so, she placed the hairdryer in the baby's incubator but forgot to turn it off.

The hairdryer continued heating up and the baby’s left foot was burnt as a result.

By the time the mistake was discovered about an hour later the baby’s foot was already charred.

As the injury was serious, the charred foot had to be amputated. 

The baby’s mother revealed that she gave birth to the baby in April, but had to place him in an incubator for seven to 10 days as he was a premature baby.

She did not expect the mishap that happened on the fourth day. 

The child’s grandmother said that there were three other babies who were placed in the same room and one of them had broken out in a rash so the nurse had to bathe each of them.