Awkward moment after pedestrian mistakes kerb's black and white stripes for zebra crossing

Rain often affects our visibility, especially at night.

This may result in motorists mistaking the distance of objects in front of or around their vehicles.

Sometimes, even pedestrians may end up being confused due to the tricks rain plays on your vision.

A video of one such incident was posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road recently.

A pedestrian was crossing a road after presumably seeing a zebra crossing.

However, what he did not realise was that he had apparently mistaken an access path for a zebra crossing.

The white and black stripes on the kerb of the access path must have seemed like a zebra crossing due to the rain, darkness and angle.

The Beh Chia Lor page administrators explained in their post:

"Accessibility path/route like this are not always obvious in poor visibility and may appear to be a designated pedestrian crossing to some.

"It is always desirable to drive with extra caution, especially when visibility is obscured, and exercise anticipation by giving provisions that other road users may make mistakes."