Aussie teen's legs become bloody mess after getting attacked by sea lice

If you think the only things to look out for in the ocean are sharks and killer whales, then you are dead wrong.

A 16-year-old Australian teenager, Sam Kanizay, learnt that the hard way when his feet started bleeding profusely while dipping in the waters at Dendy Street Beach on Saturday (Aug 5). 

Initially, he thought he had stepped on a rock, but dismissed the idea when he realised that the wounds on both his legs were uniform.

His worried father, Jarrod, tried to stop the bleeding but to no avail.

Sam’s family subsequently rushed him to the emergency department in Sandringham Hospital, reports The Age.

A marine biologist from the University of Melbourne, Professor Michael Keough, theorised that the wounds were caused by sea lice, a type of scavengers which feed on living tissue.

He said that the critters were less than centimetre long and their bites are small, consistent with pinprick-sized wounds found on Sam.

Jarrod decided to find out more about the sea lice.

Armed with a pool net, wetsuit and pieces of steak, Jarrod headed back to the beach where his son was attacked.

He was shocked to find thousands of the little critters in his net after placing it in the seawater.

Jarred quickly placed the lice in a portable cooler and brought them back home for observation. 

Back at home, he placed pieces of raw meat inside and observed as the lice started swarming around the meat, nibbling at them. 

Take a look at the horrifying video below.