Aunty tells tourist: 'Don't dress like that... You don't want to get raped by Indians'

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July 16, 2022

A Korean live streaming her visit to Singapore seemed to be enjoying herself till she got some unsolicited advice.

Twitch user Bunniejin is seen talking to a woman in a red top, and first gets a compliment.

“Good image.”

Bunniejin explains she is on vacation.

“No,” she is then told. “Singapore is very safe but you don’t want to get raped by Indians.”

The live streamer seems taken aback and asks: “Indians?

The other woman continues: “Bangladeshi and all. Don’t dress like that.”

Bunniejin holds up her hand to indicate that’s enough.

She thanks the woman, and as she walks away, she says: “Oh my god.”

She was wearing a sleeveless purple dress, which can be seen at another point in the stream. 

Viewers watching the stream expressed outrage at the remarks of the woman, with one user urging Bunniejin to ignore the woman, while another says “don’t listen to her”. 

On TikTok, user jk.wnws said: “Singaporeans don’t claim her. We are so sorry that you experienced this.” 

Student Angel Chong, 19, told TNP that these mindsets on attire are outdated, but also typical of the older generation. 

“My grandmother sometimes tells me to cover up,” she said. 

“She means well, but gets angry when I try to tell her she’s wrong to say that.” 

Cindy Leong, 50, similarly feels that these comments are out of line. 

Mrs Leong told TNP: “One’s dressing does not get one raped. Her comments lack common sense.”


Korean twitch streamer meets racist aunty in Singapore...

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