Aunties who were disappointed at being unable to meet Halimah Yacob invited to lunch -- by the President herself

Two elderly women who did not manage to meet President Halimah Yacob on Nomination Day last Wednesday (Sep 13) were greeted with a pleasant surprise yesterday (Sep 20).

The duo, Madam Sim Goon Hua, 79, and Madam Lim Ah Kheoh, 82, were invited to have lunch with Singapore's first female President, by none other than Madam Halimah herself.

According to a caption on a video of the get-together posted on the President's Facebook page, the two women had turned up at the Nomination Centre last week to support Madam Halimah but did not stay long enough to meet her.

They then expressed their disappointment at the missed opportunity in an interview with The Straits Times.

Madam Halimah read their interview and wanted to personally thank them for their support.

She subsequently invited Madam Sim and Madam Lim to join her for lunch.

Said Madam Halimah about the meaningful meeting:

"Lunch was definitely an enjoyable one. The two best friends are so full of energy. We had a good laugh at many of their jokes. And they reminded me of my mum - warm and personable, always seeing the bright side of things. Definitely role models for all of us."