Auntie shoves and screams at girl on bus after getting knocked by her bag: "Don't be so rude, okay?"

A video of a heated argument between a woman and a girl on a public bus has been circulating online.

The video, posted on Singapore Incident’s Facebook page, shows a woman in a white top shouting at a girl after the latter allegedly knocked into her with a bag.

(Story continues after video)

In the video, the woman is heard screaming at the girl who had been seated beside her. 

“What happened to me? Just now your bag knock at me, you know?

“You understand a not?!”

As she shouts, the woman tugs violently on the girl’s bag. 

She then demands an apology from the girl who appears flabbergasted, struggling to get out from her seat.

The woman continues lashing out at the girl:

“You understand a not? Say sorry first.

"Don't be so rude, okay?"

She then shoves the girl against the window, before sitting back down.

The woman refuses to give way to the girl who tries again to leave her seat. 

She then stands up and pushes the girl again, this time so forcefully that the girl falls backwards, landing on her seat again. 

The girl stands up again and this time, the woman moves out to allow her through.

However, as she moves out, the woman pushes her from the back, causing her to stumble.

She regains her footing before finally alighting at the next bus stop. 

As the altercation unfolds, several passengers are seen taking videos of the incident with their phone.

It is unclear when the incident happened, although it appears to have taken place on a Singapore public bus. 

In response to the woman’s shocking behaviour, many netizens have rallied behind the girl.

Said a Facebook user:

“I think even if the girl was going to say sorry, she also dared not as she was most probably shocked by the woman's behaviour.

Imagine that she is that woman's daughter who was scolded by another person, I wonder how would the woman feel?”

Others were disappointed that no one had stood up for the defenceless girl.  

One user wrote:

"Poor girl... why no one there is helping this poor girl? 

"Girl, next time must stand up for yourself, must protect yourself against all these bullies. Don’t be scared of them!"